Alexa New Travel Skill

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Search, compare and even BOOK FLIGHTS from any airport to any destination on any airline by JUST USING YOUR VOICE.

MyVoiceTravel is a FREE SKILL to be used on AMAZON ALEXA DEVICES.

"Alexa Open MyVoiceTravel"

Now you can search, compare and even book flights from any airport to any destination on any airline by just using your voice.

Complete Purchase Process

MyVoiceTravel is the first voice-activated travel assistant that enables complete ticket purchasing process; search, purchase, book and pay.

Artificial Intelligence

MyVoiceTravel uses AI technology to track whether an airline ticket you’ve already bought drops in price. If that happens, it refunds the difference and reissues your ticket.

Use Anywhere

MyVoiceTravel can be used on both, Alexa voice assistants and mobile devices. Book your trips while cooking, driving, or watching TV.

Save Your Time

MyVoiceTravel is so much faster than using the web, phone or even a live travel agent. You can book a flight in less than three minutes.


MyVoiceTravel provide freedom of movement and hands-free, just by speaking you can start booking your vacation.

Free Skill

Skills are like apps that help you get the most out of your voice assistant. MyVoiceTravel is a free skill to search, purchase, book and pay your airline tickets.

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Skills are like apps...

Skills are like apps that help you do more with Alexa.
You can add or activate different kinds of skills to your amazon devices; skills to play games, listen music, relax, order food, and now you can book flights ;)

How to add skills to Alexa

Using your PC or Mac laptop, iPhone or Android mobile devices or directly from your Amazon Echo!


Using your computer

1. Sign into your Amazon account and navigate to the Alexa Skills page on your Mac or PC.

2. Search MyVoiceTravel using the search bar at the top of your screen (don't forget to select "Alexa Skills" in the search bar filter options).

3. Click on the MyVoiceTravel skill, then click the button that says "Enable" on the next page.


Using your mobile device

1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android and tap the menu icon at the top-left.

2. Tap "Skills & Games" in the menu.

3. Tap the magnifying glass icon to search for MyVoiceTravel skill.

4. Select the skill, then tap "ENABLE TO USE"


Using your Amazon Echo

1. While near your Amazon Echo, say "Alexa, enable MyVoiceTravel"


Watch MyVoiceTravel in Action

Watch the skill in action, the whole purchase process; selection of destinations, dates, total number of passengers, and receiving the tickets by email.


Once the skill is activated, you can ask alexa to:

“Alexa, open MyVoiceTravel

“Alexa, ask MyVoiceTravel to book a flight”

“Alexa, ask MyVoiceTravel to book a flight from Dallas to Chicago”

Activate MyVoiceTravel Skill Now!


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